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Through our general consultancy services in education

We provide the following school consultancy services:

  • Establishment of schools
  • Training of staff
  • Training of school Administrators for effective management
  • Staff recruitment
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • General inspection
  • Organize workshops
  • Full consultancy services
  • We run schools
  • We offer professional advice
  • School publicity (Creating awareness about the school)
  • Provision of school transport system
  • Organize inter-school competitions
  • Supply education resource materials
  • Production of staff and students/pupils plastic ID Cards
  • Typing and photocopying of examination question papers
  • Recognize and reward good performance and quality education

The company in an attempt to fulfilling one of its objectives commenced an annual Mathematics competition this year with the aim of improving the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Basic and Senior Secondary School levels of education in Nigeria.

The competition has three stages and tests school pupils and students in multiple choice, essay and oral quiz questions.

  • Standard setting
  • Performance evaluation and measurement
  • Organize inter-school competitions
  • Organize character moulding (leadership) programmes for school children
  • Motivate stake holders – Pupils/Students, Schools, Teachers, Parents etc
  • Provide education resource materials
  • Personnel recruitment and training
  • Workshops on capacity building/development
  • We offer professional advice
  • School audit/inspection

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

The Benefits Of Mathematics Competition

Mathematics competition offers the following benefits

It provides an opportunity of challenge to both students and teachers.

It promotes team work and enthusiasm.

It facilitates effective co-operation among students.

It offers opportunities to explore alternative solutions to problems.

It helps to track real time progress.

It increases students’ achievements through competitive learning.

It motivates students and fosters active participation.

It helps to improve mathematical skills.

It poses challenge to both the teacher and the students.

It stimulates students’ curiosity and activity.

It helps to identify a problem solver.

It provides balance between competitive and co-operative learning approaches.